Websites look prettier with pictures. So here are some of my space. (The mess was moved outside of the frame for the photo-shoot). I'll be referring to the computer monitors as screens and studio montiors as speakers. This is also sort of the inauguration of the new site. I'll write a seperate post about that. For now, here's where I play :D The paintings are of course all Lyn's work of which you can view more on her site, LAF Art.


I opted for vertical placement of the screens as I'd otherwise have to place the speakers too far apart. All monitor stands are DIY. There are a couple of photos I took on the day I made the speaker stands in the PHOTOS section.

Here's one from before I built the stands for the screens with horizontal placement and the speakers further apart. I prefer having my main screen centred in front of me.

b studio 01

The lower screen has an external power supply (on the back of the desk with hook and cable tie) and can easily be moved forward for watching shows.

Upper screen is held in place by: two pieces of wood screwed to part of an old desktop monitor stand, screwed to a broomstick.

The broomstick is held in place by cable ties, screws and hooks.

Just some placeholder content. Hope you enjoy anyway.