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CHAKONARI - Electronic Music and Imagery

I've uploaded some photos but still haven't decided and how to display them. In the past I had used Phoca Gallery but somehow I can't get it do what I really want. So I'll either figure it out or try something else.* For now some:

Chakonari Photos

The content at the above link possibly change or once I upload some digi work, it'll become a sub-category. It should always display photos though.

*Problem solved a couple of hours later - settings not always where I first expect them. Looks like I'll stick with Phoca Gallery.

After running into post migration issues that only emerged later, I've decided to start fresh. For the next couple of weeks this site is under construction.

To have at least something up, here's some music. The files are hosted on this server (i.e. no soundcloud, youtube etc.) Hope you enjoy.

Chakonari Music