When walking through the DIY place where I ended up having go to to get a saw for the CPU fan replacement, I bought some stuff like a board that had been left over from something else and was thus… cheap.

I took it home feeling that it might fit under the keyboard which I hadn’t used in a while, for one as I had nowhere to set it up. As you can see, it’s a perfect fit.

The rods are the transport locks from our washing machine. Solid and sturdy. Had picked up the rope a few days ago - after seeing it and knowing that I wanted one but not remembering why. Turned out that was perfect for this too. Almost as good as having a drawer. Slides pretty well.

The chair was to be thrown out ... right place right time to ask for it. Long way to take home in 2 runs via bus, train and subway but well worth it. I don't want a picture of that old wobbly plastic shit I was sitting on before on here(it was one of thos cheap garden chairs).

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