Bought an LC-Power Cosmo Cool LC-CC-95 as a cheap way to get a heatsink. The quality of the include fan did not concern me, as I planned on using the be quiet! fan that I'd used in the Wraith Stealth fan replacement.

The CPU and case fans were kept running at full speed during testing. However I didn't disable everything I should have for a proper test. Perhaps that's why there's a dip in the frequency. The measurements where taken with HWiNFO (approximately every 3 seconds).

Replacing the Wraith Stealth heatsink with that of the Cosmo Cool, resulted in a 14°C lower max temp and 100+ MHz higher average core frequency for the Ryzen 3 2200G's when running Prime95.

When walking through the DIY place where I ended up having go to to get a saw for the CPU fan replacement, I bought some stuff like a board that had been left over from something else and was thus… cheap.

I took it home feeling that it might fit under the keyboard which I hadn’t used in a while, for one as I had nowhere to set it up. As you can see, it’s a perfect fit.

The rods are the transport locks from our washing machine. Solid and sturdy. Had picked up the rope a few days ago - after seeing it and knowing that I wanted one but not remembering why. Turned out that was perfect for this too. Almost as good as having a drawer. Slides pretty well.

The chair was to be thrown out ... right place right time to ask for it. Long way to take home in 2 runs via bus, train and subway but well worth it. I don't want a picture of that old wobbly plastic shit I was sitting on before on here(it was one of thos cheap garden chairs).

It's been so long since I've done anything with this space that I'd been thinking about just keeping the domain and closing the web presence. But we still need the space for Lyn's site: ... so here we go again.

About a month ago, I had moved my PC and it's now standing in a corner beside my desk (I'm sitting next to an old chimney shaft, so there are 2 corners). The placement amplified the noise coming from the GFX and CPU fans, which had become louder over time too. On top of that I had recently put an old HDD (needed the storage) into the case(Nanoxia Deep Silence 4) with the standard mounts, having forgotten how much noise is created by the vibrations. I'd been using strips of rubber cut from a bicycle tube to suspend my HDDs in previous builds.

First order of business - suspend the HDD with some rubber. Couldn't get a hold of a cheap bicycle tube, so I used a couple of small (and cheap) bungee straps. I hadn't taken any photos then, but this weekend I moved on with the CPU fan. So here's a pic where you can see the HDD suspended on the right.

Here's the material for the CPU fan mod(minus the cable ties).

1 be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM (available online for under €8) and a plastic bowl for 50 cents (pack of 4 for €2). The bowls are pretty common around here. I had been wanting to get a plastic funnel and cut that to size but after I got the fan and had it in my hands, it struck me that the plastic bowls of which we have several, are a good fit. Sawed of the bottom and cleaned the edges with a blade. I had previously used Shadow Wings fans for extra cooling inside larger cases.

Only 2 screws and cable ties, as the bottom of the bowl was slightly too large and I couldn't be bothered to saw off more for a perfect fit.

The CPU fan is no longer audible at my desk - even under full load.

I did some before and after measurements with HWINFO whilst running a render in Blender. CPU (2200G to be replaced and used in a build for Lyn) max. temp is down 2° Celsius from 66° to 64°. The average temp difference was higher (didn't calculate it but it was obvious from the numbers). What I did not expect is the change in the motherboard (Asus B450M-A) and graphics card(Gigabyte 750ti Black Edition) temps - down by around 4° each. I also monitored ambient temp at one of the air intakes in the front of the case.

Next thing to tackle is the graphics card. I'm thinking of turning it into a blower as opposed to open air, as that would be the cheaper option. Also simply getting replacement fans wouldn't be much fun.

I've uploaded some photos but still haven't decided and how to display them. In the past I had used Phoca Gallery but somehow I can't get it do what I really want. So I'll either figure it out or try something else.* For now some:

Chakonari Photos

The content at the above link possibly change or once I upload some digi work, it'll become a sub-category. It should always display photos though.

*Problem solved a couple of hours later - settings not always where I first expect them. Looks like I'll stick with Phoca Gallery.

After running into post migration issues that only emerged later, I've decided to start fresh. For the next couple of weeks this site is under construction.

To have at least something up, here's some music. The files are hosted on this server (i.e. no soundcloud, youtube etc.) Hope you enjoy.

Chakonari Music
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